Bringing Wellness to DSISD

The DSISD Wellness Fair took place on Saturday, January 7, 2016 in the Dripping Springs High School cafeteria. Vendors from all around Dripping Springs were invited to come advertise the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how their business can be involved in healthy living.

“The Wellness Fair is geared towards the community,” said sophomore Danielle Cook.

While it may seem that the Wellness Fair is aimed at simply the fit adults in the community, the Wellness Fair is geared towards anyone who is curious about health or simply wishes to know their options on healthcare.

“[The Wellness Fair] makes people realise the opportunities that they have in the neighborhood that they might not otherwise know,” said senior Kellen Vandeveer.

Vendors had the opportunity to set up booths throughout the cafeteria decorated with their various advertisements to promote being healthy and staying well. Types of vendors at the fair include grocery stores, medical clinics, Crossfit/gyms, dentist offices, pharmacies, and others.

“I feel that Dripping Springs, in general, is a closer community,” said Sierra from Lewis Family Medical.

Unlike other communities, Dripping Springs bonds together stronger, thus allowing communication and support to be stronger.

“The Wellness Fair provides visibility and the opportunity to meet your neighbors,” said Brea Barner from Solutions Pharmacy.

Despite the lack of people who came to the Wellness Fair, those who did come were introduced to all of their healthy options in Dripping Springs, and vendors were able to make connections among each other.

As all public events are, “[the success of the Wellness Fair] is all based on the attendance, and because the attendance is low, I don’t think there would be a lot of effect [if it didn’t exist],” said Carol LaRue from Bell Springs Dental.

Although few people came to the Wellness Fair, the connections it is able to provide to business owners are valuable.

“I would want to see this when it’s after school or there is more traffic,” said Barner.

The change to being after school or even during school hours could provide better attendance to the Wellness Fair, ultimately increasing the Wellness Fair’s effectiveness.

The Dripping Springs Wellness Fair is a great opportunity to learn about healthy living within the Dripping Springs community. Be sure to head out next year to enjoy opportunities and well-being.



Written by Emily Curran

Staff Writer

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