My Fair Lady

Coming to the Dripping Springs High School Theater on January 26, is the musical classic, My Fair Lady.

“I think it’ll be a stunning production. With a stunning team, it will be magnificent. It’s a high school production of professional caliber,” said male lead, junior Connor Bailey.

“We were looking for a big show that is appropriate and appealing for all age groups and that would be a good fit for the talent we have,” said director Rachael Koske. After a long thought process, My Fair Lady has been selected to display the talents to be found within thespians at DSHS.

“We started planning [for the show] last spring,” said Koske. Rehearsals will take place for slightly less than two months before the musical to ensure its success.

“We have the least time we’ve ever had, but it will be one of the best shows we’ve ever had,” said female lead and senior Trinity Adams. With a cast and crew of 65 members, My Fair Lady is expected to be full of color and liveliness.

“Henry Higgins really cares what he does and I really care about musical theatre,” said Bailey. The actors playing in My Fair Lady are fit to their characters and should embody them rightfully.

“Wild, obnoxious, dirty- that’s me,” said Adams. The quirky nature of Eliza Doolittle fits the wonderful eccentricities of Trinity Adams quite perfectly.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how we can make the themes in the show still seem relevant today,” said Koske. The oncoming production is exciting for cast and audience alike.

“I think Dripping Springs High School Theatre has a pretty awesome community and we put on some pretty great shows,” said Bailey. The theatre extends new opportunities to all onlookers with spectacular outcomes.

“I hope to gain the ability to build a character that is intriguing beyond a surface level,” said Adams. Musicals as a whole provide great experience in working with a group, hard work, commitment, and dancing and singing skills.

“The theatre program is fantastic, so come see the show,” said Bailey. My Fair Lady opens on January 26 in the high school auditorium. Come support your DSHS thespians and follow the show Twitter, @DSHSMyFairLady!


Written by Emily Curran

Staff Writer

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