A Little Blue in a Sea of Red

In high school, students are often living in a bubble where their only concerns are their GPAs and social life. However, a new club has recently surfaced and is filled with kids who added a very different and important topic to that list: politics.

The Young Democrats club was made two months ago in hopes of getting the student body involved in the 2016 presidential election. Their club, was founded by Mia Haraguchi and Josh King and is sponsored by the one and only John Adams. Given the recent formation of the club, many are confused as to exactly what it is.

Co-President Josh King stated, “The Young Dems club is a club focused on community service, based on morning meetings where members discuss their common interest and differing opinions about national and global issues.”

It’s no secret that Dripping Springs, being in the center of a traditionally red state, is a conservative town. The Young Democrats was born on the idea of becoming a forum where students can discuss their political views when they otherwise felt they had no place to do so.

“The club originated when me and Mia Hariguchi noticed a Young Republicans club at our school but not a Young Democrats and felt it was a poor representation of the entire student body,” King said.

This club is almost exclusively run by the members and its leaders, King, Hariguchi, Henri Bink, Meredith Anderson, Emily Barefield, and Liliana Reyes. With a group so passionate about helping their community become a safer more accepting place, there has already been many projects put into place. During election month, the group got together to canvas voters and even create signs advertising the Clinton campaign. However, the Young Democrats don’t only go to work during election season. With many service activities coming up, the biggest will be to walk in the Austin Women’s March in January 2017.  

“At a time where a lot of women are feeling their reproductive rights and their safety in general is being threatened, it’s important for the DSHS Young Dems to march and show support and solidarity with women,” junior Gillian Bynum said.

 Whether they’re in the minority or not, all members of the club have made it their mission to create a safer, more accepting atmosphere at Dripping Springs High School where everyone can feel free to express their beliefs, no matter how far to the right or left they are.

In response to what kind of kids should join Young Democrats Josh King said, “Even if they’re not a huge democrat, I still think it’s a fun place filled with a group of free thinking people who are accepting of all. Throughout the year, we will be discussing topics many may not know about, so hopefully it will be a good opportunity to learn more about the world around you and maybe even yourself.”

So, if you feel passionate about  political progress, or just need a place of support, check out the Young Democrats club in John Adams’ room Friday mornings. It is guaranteed you find those who are ready and to delve deeper into conversation to excite change.

“I see the Young Dems as a way to let our voices be heard, and conversations opened so we can enact change,” senior Mariah Chappell said. “No meaningful dialogue stems from just one source, or even two sources, or even three. It’s a matter of including all voices we can so we can work towards the common goal of improving our society.”


Written by Liliana Reyes

Staff Writer

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