JV football season, outlook only positive

Photo by Caroline Crane

Dripping Springs JV A&B football teams played separately and together this season.  JV A or Maroon won district with an overall record of  8-1-1, 6-1 in district. The JVB or Gold team played four games independently, going 0-4 before combining with Maroon.

“For JV B I think we could’ve done a lot better in execution of our plays,” sophomore Joshua McMullen said.  “I think we need to work on cooperating more, like make sure we know what to do for the right play.”

The young players experienced success with Maroon with a highlight coming with a win over Boerne Champion. The team also had a huge win against Medina Valley High School after a tough loss against Alamo Heights. The impact of the season and program on the players expected to move on to a formidable varsity squad remains powerful.

“Football has given me a sense of trust, passion, and discipline that I’ve never understood before,” sophomore Ryan Davenport said.

The development of these players will play a crucial role in future team chemistry at the varsity and JV levels.

“My favorite part about being a part of my team is growing a bond between my teammates and I,” sophomore Tanner Prewit said.

The tears shed at the varsity team’s loss to Richmond Foster in the 4th round of playoffs illustrated the significance of the football program in the students’ lives.

“Football made me feel like part of a team,” sophomore Caleb Key said. “When I needed someone to lean on I had them. It also made me have more responsibility for my actions because one wrong move and the play is ruined.”

The rebuilding process for next year begins soon for many of these players looking to make the most of off-season workouts.

“I can’t really tell you how other schools train, but I can guarantee you that our practices were as hard if not harder just so we could beat the other team,” Key said.

This mentality will continue as the team looks to build off this year’s theme of “Win and win big.”

“Our football team is the most hard working because our off season is the toughest,” Prewit said.

The welcome optimism amongst the younger players drives the momentum into the spring.

“Football at Dripping Springs is better than any other football program in Texas,” Davenport said. “[We’re] going to state.”

Written by Madison Sammon

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