Lacrosse teams working, ready

picture from @tigers_lax

Dripping Springs lacrosse teams are gearing up for the 2017 season.  The practices are well underway as well as scrimmages.

Lacrosse is a unique blend of multiple sports; it is fast paced and action packed. The game requires agility, speed and coordination. The new season brings challenges and opportunities.

“Losing 13 players has affected us greatly,” Parker Riggs said. “We lost 13 seniors, the whole starting lineup, and a lot of them were district. It’s good though because it’s a brand new start. We have bonded and established a tighter understanding of each other and move the ball a lot better.”  

Although they have lost several players, the team is making every effort to make this a winning season.

“As a team, we are having Saturday morning practices dedicated to straight up conditioning,” sophomore Camryn Horst said. “We are hoping to build muscle, get stronger, and quicker. It is an amazing way to stay active, build relationships and have an amazing group of people alongside you on the field.  Also, we are still recruiting!”

The players have a goal of a winning season that they are working hard to achieve.

“I would say this year and the next year’s to follow are our best chance to win out in the playoffs,” Grayson Sanders said. “As a team, we prepare by going hard in practice. As an individual, I prepare by playing wall ball or keeping busy on honing my individual skill aside from team building. Our teams’ main goals are passing our classes, winning, and having fun.”

As one of the new players on the team, Kylee Ladner is learning a lot.

“Coming in as a new player I was kind of scared, because I thought I was going to suck but after I practiced a lot with all of the girls, I realized that if you practice more, it’s easier, especially with a great forgiving team,” Ladner said. “They always forgive me when I don’t know what’s going on and they help me learn. I think we all just work really hard and we have a really close team; we all work amazing together. As a team, we’re doing Fall Play Day which is scrimmages to prep for the season along with practices 2-3 times a week.”

The Lacrosse Tigers are looking forward to growing as a team and competing this season.

“This season is going to be extremely different than last year,” Horst said. “We lost a lot of our seniors last year, and we have a lot of new players. It will be really interesting to see how we improve and how the new players do.”

Written by Madison Sammon

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