Teen Wolf Season 6 Impressions

Dylan O’Brien isn’t dead!  Alright, now that I’ve got your attention, onto more pressing matters. The much awaited 6th season of MTV’s Teen Wolf aired on November 15.  We’ve lived the show since 2011 and have been in suspense since March of 2016 to finally have all of our questions answered, however it is still bittersweet.  During Comic-Con 2016, the cast announced that this will be the final season.

Jeff Davis, the developer, was all on board, saying that 100 episodes was a good point to end at.  It will be the end of an era.  I for one, am going to be crushed. Davis has been teasing us with previews, trailers, and strategically staged pictures. At this point, we think we know everything, but really we don’t. Oh, the suspense!

It has already been confirmed that Stydia fans are going to be very pleased with the season.  If you don’t already know, Stydia is a ship (a term used to describe fan fictions that take previously created characters and put them as a pair. It usually refers to romantic relationships, but it can refer platonic ones as well—as defined by Urban Dictionary). This pairing being Lydia Martin, a banshee played by Holland Roden, and Stiles Stilinski, a human, and so much more, played by Dylan O’Brien.  The fandoms are going to riot, I assure you.

Now O’Brien was in a stunt accident a little while back, and it was rumored that he wasn’t going to be able to come back for the final season.  Don’t worry, he has fully recovered and was there for almost everything. They even set back the release date by months, just for him.

Kira is gone, and Scott is promised to be single this season. Alright enough talk about relationships, onto the good stuff.  The Dread Doctors are gone, or so we’re assuming, and now they have to deal with the Ghost Riders, who are causing people to cease existing.  The best part is that the people are then erased from reality, and nobody remembers them.  The plot appears to be the act of everyone trying to save Beacon Hills from being completely forgotten.

The first episode got right into it, three months later, and nothing has happened since the Dread Doctors.  We are introduced to the Ghost Riders and they take their first victims, a very non important family.  Liam and Aiden are more together than ever, and there is a hot new male teacher at the school.  Malia still hasn’t learned any modesty, which is cool, and Lydia is as bossy and in charge as ever.  Our favorite girls!  Stiles and Scott are still paranoid about everything, but it ends up leading them to the next impending threat.  When Stiles sees one of the Ghost riders, he knows he’s going to be taken next.  So he trusts Lydia to try to remember him, because he loves her, and oh the feels!  Stiles is then taken; unfortunately it appears that even she can’t break the pattern, and they end the show with her forgetting.  And of course, we still have so many questions.

This is pulling from the old legends of The Wild Hunt, which brings stuff back to the wolf hunt with Mr. Argent maybe?  Will Allison appear again? Personally, I hope not. What happened to Stiles?  Is his jeep okay?  Will Lydia Remember?  Is Kira a crazy sand warrior now?  What about that dude in the glass tube?  Where did Derek go?  Is Scott going to be able to save everyone?  And my mom wants to know if Scott’s mom (Mrs. McCall) and Stiles’s dad (Sheriff Stilinski) are ever going to make Scott and Stiles actual brothers, because really, we all see the chemistry there.

No matter who your favorite character is, what pack you identify with, if you support Stydia or Stalia, or if you just have a huge crush on Derek, this season is going to kick off and end the show whether we like it or not, so tune in and watch; you’ll get sucked in before you know it.

Written by Giselle Galletti

Staff Writer

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