24th place in Bands of America

Bands of America is a marching band competition held across the US from October to November. The Tiger Band competed on Saturday, November 5, placing 24th overall.

“Band is important to me because it’s a really big team building activity and you make lots of friends. It’s like one big family and it’s really fun,” said freshman Chris Gearing. Band fills the lives of its students, but fills their hearts as well. “Getting to talk to all the other band people around me is the most fun thing about Bands of America,” said sophomore Samantha Foster. Students enjoy BoA for its many social and competitive advantages.

“We do it to get evaluated by a group of judges and to see what we are improving on and what we need to work on,” said band director Keith Lancaster. Bands of America provides an opportunity for the band to be judged on a higher level and have fun with other bands from across the state and country. “I think that this group has been more willing to try new things, serving them well,” said band director Derek Woods. Each year, the band group changes, adding an interesting new twist to the show.

“I’ll definitely miss the thrill of waking up each morning to get better,” said junior Chris Lee. The early hours and late nights don’t stop the Tiger Band from persevering and putting on great shows. “I’ll miss spending all of my time with my friends,” said Foster. Although the group is about to change again, this band will always be a family.

“I’m looking forward to having a new, super cool show next year. Maybe we’ll even place at Bands of America and make it to finals,” said Gearing. “I look forward to being a senior and having fun my senior year with band,” said Lee. The Tiger Band repeatedly puts on exceptional shows for the enjoyment of all people, and Bands of America is a great way to showcase their talents!

Written by Emily Curran

Staff Writer

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