Razzle Dazzle: JV dance team shines

photo by Natalie Thompson

Swaying their hips to the music and flourishing their poms with a smile on their faces, the dancers hit their ending pose. As a matter of fact, the Dazzlers end their flawless routine.

The Dazzlers are a junior varsity dance organization entering in their fourth year at Dripping Springs High School (DSHS). The Dazzlers will be showing off their dance talent at the Hi-Stepper Winter Showcase Friday December 2 at DSHS in celebration of the upcoming holiday season.

“The Dazzlers are a junior varsity  dance team who work alongside the Hi-Steppers daily improving technique and becoming a stronger dancers,” sophomore Madison Guida, Dazzler Captain, said.

Besides working on technique, in the fall, Dazzlers learn new dances each week to perform at football games.

“We perform about every Thursday of football season, so we have to constantly be working to learn and clean new dances,” junior Brooke Robinson said.

Being a small team of six members, Dazzlers are able to receive one-on-one time with director Tracy Neef.

“It is really helpful being a small team,” Guida said. “I feel like I have improved as a dancer already this year because of the one-on-one attention.”

As well as school wide performances, the Dazzlers perform in Austin and surrounding area competitions in the spring.

“I am very excited for competition this year,” sophomore McKenzie Meredith said. “I was on Dazzlers last school year and we placed very well in competition. I am looking forward to bringing home the trophy this year as well.”

Aside from looking forward to competitions, members are excited to perform in front of the school this winter.

“I love to perform, especially in front of fellow classmates,” freshman Emily Longnecker said. “I’m looking forward to showing off our team at the Winter show and involving the holidays in dance as well as outside the school.”

Dazzlers have grown close throughout this school year through all the behind the scenes and practices that supporters don’t see.

“I love this group of girls,” Robinson said. “We have formed an unbreakable friendship through our laughs this year. I can’t wait to see what this spring brings for us.”

Written by Rachel King

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