Grades, homework weigh on both students, teachers

Balancing the demands of Noises Off and rushing to horse riding lessons, students struggle with after-school activities and passions to doing homework, in addition to balancing chores and academic expectations all in one night.

Modern day students at Dripping Springs High School struggle with stress from their everyday life trying to balance all their activities, academics needs, and at-home life every night of every week being left sleep deprived.

“I am involved in theatre and horseback riding I have chores like dishes and song writing because I’m trying to get a label,” freshman Aisley Pope said. “I stay up really late and try to get done in that night. Lately, I’ve been so deprived of sleep that I do half my homework on the bus, ‘cause I’m so tired trying to do it all after school.”

Students are not getting enough sleep which is leaving them in a bad state of health because studies state that it’s detrimental for your health to not sleep adequately. You need at least 8 hours of sleep to stay healthy. These students get a range of 4-5 hours of sleep.

 “I don’t usually have enough time to sleep due to trying to get ready for competitions for showing my bunnies, and chores ‘cause I do yard work,” Emily Longenecker said. “I also have loads of homework piled on top of all of that.”

Getting time to do all of these in one night is very hard as they are saying. From the time these students get home to the time they go to sleep, they are constantly working on school work.

“I would think that the homework I give these students would last about 30 to 40 minutes unless it’s a test they’re studying for which might take longer; it just depends,” Kelsey Lee, geometry and algebra teacher, said. “I do know that homework causes stress. I was once a student. I try to give some time in class to do homework, but I think that homework after school is a necessary evil that should be required because it helps you to do independent work.”

Mrs. Lee states that homework at home without the teacher could be a good thing.

“In a week, they should spend at least 30 minutes a night on about 150 pages,” Yvonne Kaatz, English 2 and 3 teacher, said. “I’ve got deadlines I have to meet on grading and, yes, it can be stressful getting all my grades in and trying to grade all this work in one night so it’s stressful for us teachers too.”

Homework and grades aren’t just stressful for the students, the teachers are stressed too. Due to grading and trying to get hundreds of grades in is not easy.

“I am involved in football, wrestling and track. I have to do dishes, walk my dog and make my bed. 90% of the time I have lots of homework,” Andre Perry said “I balance these between my A and B day schedule, but sometimes I stay up until 2 or 3 a.m. trying to get an essay or something done.”

For some students, it’s easy balancing all of these factors but also hard because it leaves them sleep deprived.

“I think a good resolution to our homework problems would be spreading it out through the week,” freshman Kyle Brunken. “So we would get it Monday and Tuesday and it would be due Thursday and Friday.”

Written by Mariah Seydel


Infograph by Natalie Tondol

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