Lacrosse teams working, ready

picture from @tigers_lax Dripping Springs lacrosse teams are gearing up for the 2017 season.  The practices are well underway as well as scrimmages. Lacrosse is a unique blend of multiple sports; it is fast paced and action packed. The game requires agility, speed and coordination. The new season brings challenges and opportunities. “Losing 13 players has affected us greatly,” Parker Riggs said. “We lost 13 … Continue reading Lacrosse teams working, ready

“Please Lord, Help Me Get One More” Hacksaw Ridge Review

Hacksaw Ridge, directed by Academy Award winner Mel Gibson (Braveheart, The Patriot) portrayed the incredible true story of Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield). The movie focuses on Doss’ confliction of war and religion. Set in WWII, Doss watched as his brother and his friends enlisted and left to fight; he was the last young man left who had not enlisted to serve. Though Doss was raised … Continue reading “Please Lord, Help Me Get One More” Hacksaw Ridge Review

“Tell The Judge I Love My Wife” Loving Film Review

Loving, directed by Jeff Nichols, is based on the infamous true story of the endurance of the interracial marriage of Richard (Joel Edgerton) and Mildred Loving (Ruth Negga). The story was set in Virginia, 1958, when interracial was still considered unacceptable. Richard (a white man) and Mildred (a black woman) suffered the judgment from whites and blacks, their families, friends, and from the law. Once … Continue reading “Tell The Judge I Love My Wife” Loving Film Review

Tiger Daily News

The LAST day to take senior pictures is Friday. If you do not take a school portrait, your photo will not appear in the yearbook. Please see counselor’s office for the schedule and contact PhotoTexas with any questions and concerns. Students, check the windows of the library to confirm that your school portrait is in the yearbook, in the correct grade with your name spelled … Continue reading Tiger Daily News

Opinion: Mickey Mouse’s birthday can bring light to dark times

Understandably so, there’s been a lot of fear and and hate circling around the media these past two weeks. So much so we have neglected the news that is most critical to the existence of the human race: Mickey Mouse’s 88th birthday. Let’s be real, this birthday isn’t special. He’s not 100-years-old or even 75. However, it is  a happy, genuine occasion which we never … Continue reading Opinion: Mickey Mouse’s birthday can bring light to dark times

Opinions: Surprise of Trump, his impact

***let it be noted that the opinions expressed in this article are representive of the author, not the publication as a whole.   How Did Trump Possibly Win? On the morning of November 9, my dad woke me up, looking gloomy. I immediately asked him “Who won?” expecting an obvious answer from him—the ONLY obvious answer. But instead, he said “Trump,” with a sigh. I … Continue reading Opinions: Surprise of Trump, his impact

Corporate Gaming-White Collar Dollars Over Aesthetic

As gaming season approaches in December, and we’re ready to empty our wallets, close the blinds, and grind out hours upon hours, I want to address the state of the gaming industry. Especially taking shots at the white collars who have turned gaming from a mutual relationship to a parasitic one. For the last two years cosumers of the gaming industry have been bombarded with … Continue reading Corporate Gaming-White Collar Dollars Over Aesthetic

Dating Violence Awareness Board

Dating violence is very serious in today’s world… you will never know it’s happening until it does. At Dripping Springs High School, there is a club called Dating Violence Awareness Board (DVAB) – this club should be a hundred times more popular than it is now. The board director is Mrs. Watts; she is one of the aquatic science teachers. Ellie Kuykendall is the president … Continue reading Dating Violence Awareness Board

Teen Wolf Season 6 Impressions

Dylan O’Brien isn’t dead!  Alright, now that I’ve got your attention, onto more pressing matters. The much awaited 6th season of MTV’s Teen Wolf aired on November 15.  We’ve lived the show since 2011 and have been in suspense since March of 2016 to finally have all of our questions answered, however it is still bittersweet.  During Comic-Con 2016, the cast announced that this will … Continue reading Teen Wolf Season 6 Impressions