The DSHS Showstoppers

On Thursday, October 13, the DSHS Choir performed their Fall Show in the auditorium with an almost full house.

The choir had been working long and hard for this show and its outcome. “We’ve been preparing since the first day of school,” said Choir Director Tom Gabrielson. “Definitely seeing the end result of all our hard work is my favorite part,” he added.

As it seems, the members of choir truly love what they do. “I love singing and music,” said senior McKenna Dunk.

“I too like singing,” said senior Michael Thornton. In addition to just the love of singing, choir members also bond during all of the rehearsals they put into for their performances.

“It feels like we’re in Glee and we can goof off before,” said sophomore Maddi Newcomb.

“There are so many inside jokes,” Dunk added.

“The performance makes rehearsals worth it. I really like performing,” said Thornton.

Although the performance was grand, choir members did voice a few things to change if they could do it over.

“Definitely a few songs,” Newcomb said. While the songs were fun to listen to, members expressed that the African Tribal songs were difficult to sing and the notes were hard to reach. “I would memorize the words,” said Dunk. You couldn’t tell from the audience, but panic was in the minds of a few teens that knew melodies but not lyrics.

Overall, the pieces most well done, pleasant to listen to, and pleasant to sing were Lascia Ch’io Piango from the Opera Rinaldo, Drive My Car by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, and Homeland by Gustav Holst, all performed by a choir who love what they do.



Written by Emily Curran

Staff Writer

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