Aquatic Science Field Trip Tackles Water Conservation

September 27 was a fun filled day of hands on learning experiences, informative lectures and experiments, and cool breaks spent in the Barton Springs pool for Coach Watts’ Aquatic Science class.

The trip was organized by the Barton Creek University as a part of their second annual Save Our Springs  field trip.

“They contacted us,” Watts said. “They paid for buses, the only thing the kids paid for was the meals, and they put on all of it.”

Watts said that the trip was exceptional, and her future Aquatic Science classes will also be embarking on the trip in the following years.

“The field trip was really really fun,” junior Samantha Terry said. “My favorite part was getting to swim in the Barton Springs pool. It was something I had never experienced before.”

However, while the students did get some free time to relax and swim around, the main focus of the trip was to give the students an opportunity to learn more about water conservation.

“We learned a lot about the differences of how drinkable water is,” Terry said. “And a bunch of stuff about water pollution.”

From the entire field trip, Watts said that she hopes the students walked away with a better understanding of how important our aquifer is and the importance of water run off, especially in the case of a watershed-any body of water flowing into a larger body of water.

“One example of a watershed is Onion Creek,” Watts said. “If we are dumping in Onion Creek, there’s trash or pollution, whether that’s farming or agriculture, or if it’s just us. Just knowing the importance of where that water is going to go; eventually draining into the ocean which controls everything else.”

One of the major positives of the trip was the process of allowing the students to learn about water quality and water conservation through hands on experiments.

“We got to test water, look for species such as benthic macroinvertebrates,and we got to look and see what’s in the water and it can tell you what the water quality is like,” Watts said. “There were also quite a few turbidity sections, so that was fun.”

Written by Jade Berry

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