Boys Join Hi-Steppers for Performance

Photo by Samantha Cisneros

The Dripping Springs Hi-Steppers have been practicing for a special performance. Each dancer gets to chose a boy to be apart of their pep rally dance performance.

The dancers and their partners have been practicing their routine all week. This is a unique experience for the dancers and the guys who are involved.

Hi-Steppers Rylie Powell and Sadie Cunningham expressed how including boys in the dance changed the atmosphere of practices.

“It’s harder to learn because the guys have a harder time focusing, but once they do they really get into it and enjoy it,” Cunningham said.

“Practices are different. It’s less strict because the officers are a little more lenient since they know the guys aren’t used to dancing. Also it’s a lot louder but we still get stuff done,” Powell said.

Both Tony Quevedo and Jordan Nolan having insight on the Hi-Steppers had standing expectations going into it.

“They’re all pretty chill, my sister was the captain so I respect dancing a lot,” Quevedo said.

“I already knew what to expect because I have been a guy stepper before. I had a great experience so when I got the opportunity again, I didn’t hesitate,” Nolan said.

The Hi-Steppers work hard to learn their dances. After Bailey Sandoval experienced what the dancers do every week, he had a different outlook on them.

“I think they deserve more respect because they put in all this work and they don’t get as much respect as they should,” Sandoval said.

“The more comfortable the guys are, the better they dance,” Powell said. “They exceeded my expectations even though it’s been pretty crazy so far. I feel confident that it’ll be a great performance and the guys will kill it.”

by Madison Sammon

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