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The spookiest time of the year

All Hallows’ Eve, otherwise known as Halloween, is an old Celtic
festival turned national event.  It is a time of of celebration and
superstition, and lots and lots of candy.  The younger kids go out and
partake in trick-or-treating, the teenagers often opt for parties or haunted
houses, all while the adults reminisce about that they did when they were
that age. And of course let us not forget about pumpkin carving, dressing up,
and scaring the life out of little kids; if you’re into that sort of thing.

“My Halloween activities include eating all the candy and looking
stylish,” junior Caitlin Lawrence said.

A statement that resonates with just about everyone.  Caitlin already
has her costume consisting of actual candy pants, and a pretty big arsenal of
puns to go with them.

Costumes are a huge part of Halloween, previously being used to hide
from the souls of the dead that wandered around during that night, but are
now mainly for showing off to friends and impressing the people handing out

“I really like the costumes people come up with. They’re all usually
somewhat different. There’s just a certain spook to it,” sophomore Sina
Middleton said.

“I like the costumes because it’s the one time out of the year that I don’t get hate for dressing somewhat provocatively. Not to quote Mean Girls or anything,” sophomore Madison Guida said.

This year there’s going to be a bunch of Harley Quinn and The Joker
esque costumes, and there will of course be the people who go all out or just
embrace the Halloween spirit.  If their version is insanely creative,
something they just threw together, or pair of fishnet stockings and animal
ears, they’re all still doing it right.

“My favorite part of Halloween is trick-or-treating, for sure,”
sophomore Marisol Cortes said.

“There is just something so magical about roaming around looking like
someone else, and feeling like a little kid again, without a care in the
world.  Also there isn’t really anything much better than free candy,”
sophomore Giselle Copa said.

It has been found that some grown-ups feel that there is an age limit
for showing up at people’s doors and asking for candy, but that’s simply not
how the kids see it.  They keep doing it until they get tired of it.

Scaring people is another big part of Halloween, with haunted houses,
fake blood, freaky masks, and people jumping out everywhere.  Not everyone
enjoys this side of Halloween, especially those who are faint of heart, but
some live for it.

“I love Halloween because I love haunted houses.  I love the feeling of
my heart racing and not knowing what or who gonna pop out next,” sophomore
Nieves Asuan said.

Austin is home to the House of Torment, the number one haunted house in
America as rated by Hauntworld Magazine, which brings people from all over
the state and has lines lasting for hours.  From what the participants say,
it’s totally worth it.  If that’s not your forte, then there are much smaller
ones all over that have the same goal, to scare your pants off.

Others prefer a much calmer approach to the spookiness. 

“[My favorite part is] watching Halloweentown with my BFFs!” sophomore Samantha Wells said.

Starting back on October 19, ABC Family is hosting their thirteen days of Halloween special with all of the favorite classics such as The Addams Family, The Munsters, The Nightmare before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, Friday The 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and of course Halloweentown. A great way to get into the spirit of it all.

However you prefer to spend it, have a Happy Halloween!


Written by Giselle Galletti

Staff writer

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