Obama Leaving Office


It’s crazy to think that for eight years of our lives, we have had Barack Obama in office. For most teenagers, that is the majority of our lives. And now we have the next 2016 Presidential Election coming up on November 8th.

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of backlash and negative comments about Obama’s presidency, and it makes me wonder, why do people always focus on the negative? Not to say that Obama has been a perfect president, because let’s be real, no one can be perfect in office. People mess up. That’s a part of life.

Respect to the man who’s led our country and dedicated his time to serve us and try to make us better as a nation, should be called for. Many have various views on politics, and that’s perfectly okay. According to the Daily Journal’s William “Bill” Hecht, Obama has been “a symbol of possibility and empowerment for subordinate groups and the democratic process, [that’s] how he stands out.”

He has been majorly involved in the rights for the LGBTQ movement and has spoken out for the members of Black communities, Latino communities, and Islamic communities in the United States.

Sebastian Sarbu, a military analyst from the Daily Journal also stated that “he promoted a strong and useful political advocacy on human rights, global challenge on democracy, and civil society involvement,” and even Claude Nougat, a European and a member of the United Nations for over 25 years, said that “under Obama’s watch, the economy has recovered and millions of jobs have been created.”

And let’s not forget the legacy of Michelle Obama, including her “Let’s Move!” campaign that is devoted to “solve the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation” which is a real problem in America. Michelle also leads the “Let Girls Learn” movement—a “U.S. government initiative aimed at helping adolescent girls attain a quality education that empowers them to reach a full potential” in the workforce and in life, while also being a beacon and role model for black women all around the world.

Ultimately, without the Obama family leading our country for the past eight years, we would not be where we are today. There has been progress. And while not all of it has been good progress, we took a step forward in the things Barack and Michelle Obama advocated for and changed. It’s safe to say that many will miss the legacy and unity this country achieved from 2008 to now. Now it’s our job to let Obama have a good send off, and to vote. No matter for whom you’re voting, vote, and be an American citizen proud of what their country has become even in tough times. Do it for the president and the many presidents to come.


Written by Grayson Ruiz

Staff Writer

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