The Versatile ACL

Although most people tend to think of ACL as simply a music festival, it goes even beyond that.

“I wasn’t super interested in the bands when I bought my ticket. I just went to go with friends. I kind of discovered all these bands that I never would’ve listened to,” senior Mallory Bush said.

Coming to ACL with friends is common, but friendships can be picked up along the way too.

“There are a lot of people there so you get to meet people,” senior Macie Comer said.

Each year, ACL brings in over one hundred bands to please fans from all across the nation.

“I saw so many—Cage the Elephant, Mumford and Sons, Flume, Major Lazer, Chainsmokers—there are a lot more,” Comer said.

This year, the musical genre appeared to be themed around indie rock.

“Local Natives, Wild Child, and Mumford and Sons were the main bands I came to see,” senior Hunter Gentry said.

Beyond the music and friends, food is also a hit at ACL.

“I like the pizza place, Austin’s Pizza,” Comer said.

ACL even sports food styles from across the globe.

“Probably this gyro place called Tino’s Greek Café,” Bush said.

Even something as basic as fried chicken gets a fun twist at ACL.

“I like Mighty Cone, which is basically this piece of chicken inside of a tortilla with sauce,” Gentry said.

Although ACL is definitely a blast for many, there are some issues that coming to ACL present.

“The amount of people who go is ridiculous. It’s hard to find who you came with and navigate where you’re going,” Comer said.

“Parking is the main issue,” Bush said. “Also being out in the sun all day around all of these people is kind of exhausting.”

“Trying to get a ticket is hard if you didn’t buy it on time and parking is really hard,” Gentry said.

Even with these difficulties, ACL is a fun time for people to get together for all sorts of reasons.

“I liked seeing my favorite bands, and there are a lot of people there you get to meet,” Comer said.

Austin City Limits truly does put on quite the show for music lovers country-wide.

“I like the whole atmosphere of it,” Gentry said.


Written by Emily Curran

Staff Writer

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