Humans Lend Hands to PAWS

The Paws club at Dripping Springs High School is a student-run club which helps service animals.

“It’s very good for kids that are scared or just the animals in general that need to be  played with,” junior Kinley Gardner, president of Paws club, said.

Gardner created the Paws club her freshman year because she felt it was a great way to get volunteer hours, and playing with and helping the dogs brings her joy.

“I think every school should have a service animal club ‘cause it just gets the kids involved and lets them be aware of animals in shelters and lets them help them,” junior Caroline Crane, the club vice president, said.

Many members of the Paws club think it would be a great idea for every high school to have a service animal club. Having a service animal club builds the students’ understanding of dogs’ needs.

“I like going and seeing the dogs in need, feeding them, and playing around with them,” junior Lesli Trejo, a club member, said. “I think every school should have a service animal club because it would be a great help for them, and they will feel the love that we have towards dogs. It shows other people how important it is to treat animals.”

Spending time with animals doesn’t only aid in the animals’ lives; it helps dramatically in student lives.

“For bad kids, bonding with dogs can help them get out of their bad habits,” freshman Aisley Pope said. “Being around an animal makes me feel better, and people change when they are around animals.”

The positive effect animals have on people is proven. Because of this, the Paws club enjoys fundraisers and events to encourage contribution.

“We usually go to October-fest which is like a big dog shelter event,” Gardner said.

Not only does the Paws club get involved in large events, including the Founder’s Day Parade, the members also love volunteering at local dog shelters which makes a great difference for the animals.

“Last year, we were working with Texas Great Pyrenees, and this year we were looking at working with a German Shepherd rescue in Dripping Springs,” Crane said.

Overall, the Paws club significantly impacts both human and canine lives.

“I loved dogs so much,” Gardner said, “I wanted everybody to join in.”


Written by Brandi Younger


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