Interact Club Works for Community

Dripping Springs High School Interact club will be discussing their yearly fundraisers and service projects at their upcoming meetings this fall. Interact is a Rotary sponsored community service club that is beginning their second year at the high school.

“Interact’s main goal as a club is to benefit the community in all ways,” junior Joshua King, Interact treasurer, said. “Each year, we choose a local service project and raise money in order to make the biggest positive impact on our community.”

This year, Interact plans on working alongside with the School Board of Education to provide portable wifi cards for students at Dripping Springs schools.

“I am really looking forward to fundraising for such a great cause this year. I’m glad to see the money we raise this year benefiting some of my fellow classmates,” freshman Sydney Morriss said.

While working to make an influence in the community, Interact also upholds a responsible reputation at school.

“I joined Interact club because I wanted to be a part of an organization that is looked so highly upon and helps the community and charitable organizations at the same time,” sophomore Cade Oldham said.

Interact hopes to expand in numbers and surpass their funds and volunteer hours reached last year.

“This year, we want to maintain being the biggest club in the school and raise more money to donate than we reached last year,” senior Prescott Remington, Interact president, said.

Students are eager to jump into fundraising events and showing the school what Interact can do for the community.

King said, “We have to show Interact is a club of responsible student and good leaders that want to help the Dripping Springs community.”

Written by Rachel King

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