“Stranger Things”, a Netflix phenomenon

On July 15, Netflix released a new original show that quickly took the world by storm. “Stranger Things” is an 8-episode science fiction drama set in 1983 Indiana, involving a local boy who mysteriously goes missing and the length his community goes to in order to uncover what really happened. The series has captivated viewers of all ages, leading it to become on of the summer’s most-watched programs.

“The characters are really interesting and not one-dimensional like you sometimes see,” junior Alexandra Garrett said. “The plot always leaves you wanting more.”

On his way home after spending the day playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends, Will Byers takes his normal route through a restricted road. He is run off of the road by a mysterious creature and proceeds to run home and then in a darker twist similar to “E.T.”’s connection with electricity, the screen goes white with light and Will disappears. The first episode hooked many students at Dripping Springs High School.

“I personally liked the nostalgic feel,” junior Pyeatt Hitchcock said. “I have an old soul. Maybe that draws me to these things.”

Hitchcock is drawn to shows filmed or set in the 80’s or early 90’s and recognized some of the references set in each episode.

“It’s a homage to 80s movies obviously but it reminds me of ‘The Twilight Zone’ with Rod Sterling,” Hitchcock said. “It’s really fascinating, the intense mystery surrounding everything.”

Each episode ends with a dramatic scene strategically made to leave a handful of unanswered questions which draw people in to continue watching.  Like Garrett, freshman Madeline Tredway enjoys the suspense because she feels that it helps to include the viewers into the plot.

“I like the fact that every episode kinda leaves off with a cliffhanger,” Tredway said. “You can kind of try to infer on what is actually happening and that really interests me.”

There are different age groups portrayed in “Stranger Things” and this versatility allows for a wider audience to be captivated. The children, however, are the stars of the show. Lucas, Dustin, Mike and Eleven draw you in with their clever plans and are relatable to many students in their activities as well as their characteristics.

“I relate to [Lucas]. He was really scared of how Eleven was this new thing in his life,” Tredwell said. “He got caught up in being scared and I feel like I’m like that.”

While there were many strong points, some students felt that the show definitely was lacking with certain people, specifically the way the show handled Barbara and Nancy.

“I feel like they dismissed Barb so easily,” junior Samantha Cisneros said. “She could’ve had better character development.”

The characters, the plot, and the 80s theme have created an entrancing series and with a season two to arrive in 2017, expectations and anticipation are high. Though many students agree that even if the quality of the next series is sub-par, “Stranger Things” season one will still hold a special place in their hearts.

“I think season two is gonna be a step up,” Hitchcock said. “[Season one] is dreamy, beautiful, perfect. If it’s disappointing, I’m still gonna watch the original.”

Written by Clara Comparan

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