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Tigers get ready for their game vs Hays

The legend is true, and nobody knows that better than us; Texas high school culture is an extremely unique experience. Dripping Springs, like many other Texas high schools, lives, breathes and bleeds its colors. We all know that beyond the shadow of a doubt, but two questions remain: is school spirit a good thing? And is it biased?

School spirit is what makes our high school go round. It is the basis of anything involving more than a few individuals; it is what makes people want to go out and represent THE Dripping Springs Tigers. The students here wear maroon with pride, but some still feel that the Tiger Nation is lacking its roar.

“Four years ago, we really started looking at school spirit, culture, and things like that, and with a group of people started the idea of Tiger Nation and uniting everybody behind this one theme,” Principal Joe Burns said.

This led to events such as Tiger Day, a drum line through the halls, T-shirts, pep-rallies, and most importantly, the brand Tiger spirit is based on.

At the first pep-rally of the football season, the freshmen had to be booed to get them to stand up.

“They’re trying to get us pumped up at pep-rallies and they suck at it. It’s so bad,” Megan, a student at DSHS, said.

“I think there’s good school spirit. I just don’t think good spirit involves booing anybody, your classmates or the other team,” Ms. Wright, a long time substitute in the Dripping Springs area, said.

School spirit is infamous for being fueled by hatred for the opposing schools and their sports teams, and as a reaction, some believe that more positivity and competitiveness within the school may just help.

“I haven’t really seen a whole lot of [school spirit] actually, to be honest, other than when the drum line went around the halls that one time, and then at pep-rallies. That’s where I obviously see most of the school spirit,” Ms. Casanova, an English teacher new to the school, said. “One of my former schools use to have door decorating contests, and the winning classes would have a pizza party or something. So, if we made it more of a competition and made it throughout the year, not just for football season, I think more and more kids would get really into the school spirit.”

Pep-rallies exist mainly only in the fall, during football season, with a random rally put together if other teams go to state in the winter and spring seasons, but then it’s usually just a send off. This begs the question: Does school spirit only revolve around football?

“When I first got here, we used to do pep-rallies for the spring sports, and I think we’ve kind of gotten away from that; I’m not sure why,” Coach Womack said.

The other argument being made is that school spirit shouldn’t just be based around sports.

“The activities they do are kind of lame, and they should include the other groups more, instead of just the football players and the people that play sports,” sophomore Miranda Shamrell said. “A lot of us don’t play sports, and we feel excluded.”

This opinion is quite common, since the people who don’t play sports aren’t getting as much recognition as they feel that they should.

“They will mention clubs, but they’re a side issue; it’s all about the sports, and now our numbers are so large and not everybody is into sports, and it just becomes this thing that not everybody that’s interested is dragged to and is told that you need to support our sports,” Ms. Ybarra said. “You’re not spirited unless you like football.”

That being said, many still support the opinion that Dripping Springs’ school spirit is healthy and alive, in all aspects.

“I think we have really good school spirit here at Drip, one of the best that I’ve seen as far as high schools that I’ve worked at,” Coach Tennison said. “A lot of students support each other in what they do; not just football or volleyball but in other extracurricular activities. We have a great band and we have a great theater department, and I go to a lot of the plays and always see a lot of students supporting each other. So I really like it, as far as the climate goes. We are in pretty good shape. A lot of kids find a place here.”

School spirit is always going to be there, whether it’s centered on sports or extracurricular activities. It’s up to the people within the school to decide what they’re going to recognize, and what they aren’t. You have the power; YOU are Tiger Nation, so get excited! We look forward to celebrating school spirit with you and all the other Dripping Springs Tigers.


Written by Giselle Galletti

Staff Writer