Meet the Teacher Night

Last Monday, hundreds of parents went back to high school for a night at the DSHS Meet the Teacher event on September 12.

Meet the Teacher is an annual event at Dripping Springs High School that allows parents to go through their child’s schedule and interact with all their teachers in person.

Jacqueline Glenn, a mother and educator herself, says that events like this are very insightful for parents.

“I attended the Meet the Teacher night because I think it’s important to be part of my children’s education,” Glenn said.

Glenn is a Learning Specialist at St. Gabriel’s Catholic School and uses the Meet the Teacher night at her own school to gain a better understanding of not only the parents, but her students as well.

“I think it is important to meet the parents so that you get an understanding of which parents are more available and make school and events like this a priority,” Glenn said. “It helps me know which kids may need more support as a result of parents who are frequently not available for these events due to a busy work or social calendar.”

Glenn believes that events like Monday night where the parents get to interact with their child’s teachers create a connection between school and home you can’t quite get from anything else.

“It’s important to be part of my children’s education. Meeting the teacher is one way for me to let my child know that I support them and am concerned about what they are learning and how they are learning,” Glenn said. “It provides a valuable connection between school and home.”

Allison Schmidt, mother of senior Natalie Schmidt, attends the event each year.

“Meet the teacher night provides you with a brief snapshot as to what your child goes through on a daily basis at school,” Schmidt said. “I think one of the main things I took home from the evening is how hard it is to get to get from class to class on time!”

Schmidt enjoys attending this event each year because she sees it as a way to connect with her student’s teachers and gain a better understanding of what the atmosphere of the class is like.

“I find it beneficial being able to meet my daughter’s teachers and to learn more about the classes she is taking,” Schmidt said. “You’re able to get a feel for their teaching styles and philosophies.”

Her husband, Rodney Schmidt, attended the event as well to try and get a better feel for the new block scheduling implemented in the high school as well as get to know the teachers his student sees every day.

“It may be the only opportunity to meet your child’s teacher,” Mr. Schmidt said. “You get an introduction to the teachers and first impression of their personalities.”

Meet the Teacher night has been a successful tool for teachers, parents, and students at DSHS to help streamline communication and inspire a friendly and good-natured relationship between a student’s home life and their academic careers.

“It’s important for every student to know that their parents are invested in their education,” Glenn said. “Showing up for back to school night is a way to let your children know that you are connected and aware of what’s happening at school.”

Written by Olivia Fletcher

Staff Writer

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