The Walking Dead Universe Update

Late October is approaching ever so slowly, and with that, we get additions to our favorite series in The Walking Dead universe. Keep in mind, there are so many spoilers ahead, and Fear the Walking Dead will not be talked about as the second half of season two has already begun. You’ve been warned.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan Chandler holds the group captive in AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 16

In AMC’s The Walking Dead, season six ended with Negan’s sadistic game of eeny meeny miny get the life beaten out of you with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire named “Lucille”. We don’t know who got pulverized for sure, but here are some original theories.


Glenn: AMC’s The Walking Dead follows the comic book pretty closely, and Glenn is the unfortunate victim gruesomely beaten to a literal pulp. It is not 100% though, because the show has had some major deviations with character additions and removals, plot twists, and plot progression. Also, Glenn tried to be a hero so Negan could use that as a fatal example of what happens to the unsubmissive.

Maggie: Facing pregnancy complications, it’s sad but safe to say that Maggie’s unborn child may be undead and eating alive at her insides, causing her the extreme abdominal pain, and giving her the bite. Negan himself even comments on Maggie’s half dead appearance and proposes to put her out of her misery, then Glenn steps in. Negan would have no use for a person about to die and turn, making Maggie a likely victim.

Carl: Needing Rick to do his bidding, Negan can’t kill him. However, killing Carl in front of his father would break Rick down into subservience. This would show Rick the true extent of Negan’s dominance, and his own existence as a leader means nothing.

Michonne: Jeez…Did you see the intensity of the evil eye she game him? Wouldn’t want to keep such deadliness around to bite me in the back later.

Daryl: Causing a lot of problems for Negan’s henchmen, Daryl is a good pick. His death would break the morale of the other characters, bring justice for Negan’s group, and show what happens when you defy “the new world order”.

Abraham: Judging the way Abraham looked at Negan, we can assume that Negan assumes what kind of character Abraham is—being the one able to defy authority completely because he is the boss of his choices. He gave Negan, the “might as well kill me now cause I’m not doing jack for you, buddy,” look. Abraham’s boldness could be his killer.

Eugene: Because he was breaking down. Negan would not want any weaklings in his community.

Now, a lot of phenoms were confirmed in the season seven reveal trailer, that are so awesome, exciting, and will deepen the story’s plot. Even with the deviations, the show is still following the comics.

King Ezekiel: A zookeeper before the apocalypse, his companion is a menacing tiger named Shiva—yes, a freaking tiger. He is the self-proclaimed king of “The Kingdom” (I mean, what would you even do? He has a trained tiger) and a close friend to our delinquent buddy, Jesus. He also hates Negan, and in the comics, Jesus introduces Rick to Ezekiel with hopes that they will take Negan out co-op style. Did I mention that he’s Michonne’s ex?

Whisperers: If you go back and watch the last scene of the reveal trailer, you see the status of Tara and Heath, who face off with some zombies buried in sand. Those zombies don’t seem to be the regular old walkers, and Whisperers aren’t to debut until season eight, with the show in parallel with the comics moving at a pace of 20 issues per season. However, it is possible because the Whisperers come into play and become an enemy to all within the war between Rick and Ezekiel versus Negan. Who are the Whisperers you ask? They are a colony of savage nomads who wear the skin of the zombies to blend in—acting exactly like walkers, but just as deadly with weapons as everyone else when in danger. This is definitely a game changer for the new season.

Now, in the more interactive side of The Walking Dead, Telltale has confirmed season three to premiere late fall—whenever that will be… We last left off with 12-year-old Clementine, Kenny, baby AJ, and Jane on three timelines, depending on your decisions at the end.

You ended up at Wellington if you chose to let Jane die by Kenny’s hand and stay with him, where you are turned down because the community is overpopulated.

You ended up back at Carver’s community, Howe’s Hardware, if you chose to shoot Kenny to save Jane and stay with her.

If you let Kenny kill Jane and chose to leave him for being dangerous and unpredictable, or shoot Kenny to save Jane and leave her because she was trying to prove her point by getting him killed, Clem takes baby AJ and walks out. After the nine days later transition, we find Clem in a field of migrating walkers. She guts a dead undead, smears the guts on her and AJ to camouflage, and walks into the herd.

Clementine and Javier coordinate attacks

There are a whole lot of speculations in the reveal trailer of why teenage Clem is missing a finger, and who the man, Javier, is, his relationship with Clem, and why he and another walker he put down have a Capricorn symbol/76 burned on them, calling them “marked”.

There are a lot of ridiculous theories out there saying that baby AJ died and bit off Clem’s finger, and that Javier is part of some cult or slave trade. Some even suggest that ruthless Lily from season one came back and has something to do with it all. When it finally drops, we’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Written by Nifa Kaniga

Entertainment Editor

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