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Senior Spotlights: Color Guard

Varsity color guard performing in the gym at DSHS.

As the end of the school year approaches, competitive seasons are ending for many of the teams at Dripping Springs High School. This includes our school’s colorguard team.

Seniors Amber Chavez and Chloe Willcox joined color guard long ago, not knowing what to expect.

“My sister and I used to see color guard before we were even in high school, we used to see the band out on the field and all those girls running around with flags and rifles. We were interested to see what it was. We wanted to do it, but my mother kept telling us no because we were tight on money,” she said. “I asked one of my friends, Chloe, if I should join guard and she said that I should do it. I asked her what we did in color guard and she told me that we played games. We do not just play games, but that’s how I ended up joining.”

“I didn’t really know what it was when I started,” Willcox said. “But my friend brought me to try outs with her and I ended up loving it.”

Willcox has now been an officer on the team for 2 years.

“I’m 1st lieutenant. During marching band we break up into groups and we have our own little sections that we help,” she said. “People look up to us and ask us bout what’s going on and they come to us for help.”

Both girls have different ideas of what they want to do with their future.

“After high school I’m not going to continue doing guard,” Chavez said, “I’m going to be going to Abilene Christian University to major in multi-media”

“Next year I’m going to school, but I’ve been thinking about joining an independent group, which is a colorguard team that’s not connected with a school,” Willcox said. “It would be exciting if I got into one of those.”

The team works hard together to achieve their goals and make each other better.

“I think a strong characteristic on the team is friendship. Its what really brings us together,” Willcox said. “Some of us might be having a bad day, but then we’ll just come to guard and everybody makes us in a better mood and helps each other out when we’re going through hard times. It’s really cool.”

Both girls have grown over their time on the team.

“What’s changed since I joined the team was my comfort level,” Chavez said. “When I started out in guard I wasn’t very comfortable with dancing or doing anything. I didn’t know how to dance at all. This year we do handstands and stuff like that. We do a bunch of different crazy dancing things. Before I couldn’t do a handstand to save my life, but now I’m doing handstands in shows. It’s just being able to be free and being able to be yourself and opening up and getting really weird. They aren’t going to judge you for it. It’s just really about opening up and just being yourself.”

“I’ve definitely learned how to work hard and also about time management, because it was hard to balance school and everything,” Willcox said. “The culture of the team has changed. When I first started we weren’t as close and connected, but now we’re like one giant family and it’s really awesome.”

Both girls appreciate their time on the team.

“I’m really sad that it’s over but at the same time I’m so glad that I got to experienced it,” Willcox said. “It was a really awesome time for me.”

Willcox and Chavez wish upcoming colorguard teams the best of luck.

“Just work your hardest and do your best because people are always going to be there to help you and just stay close to each other. That’s really important.” Willcox said.

“You’re going to have rough days, you’re going to have good and bad days. You just have to stick it out and remember that you’re all working for the common goal, Chavez said, “which is to get better and make it the best that you can be. So don’t give up because it’s going to get better.”

Story by Veronica Lopez

Staff Writer

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