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IMG_1779.JPGThere aren’t many things that high schoolers consider “perfect” or, for that matter, “a night to remember.” However, when it comes to prom, with the red carpet, the air bursting with an atmosphere of joy and laughter, and the countless number of friends making the best of memories, it’s about as close to a perfect night as you can get.

Prom night focuses all around the extravagant dresses, the tuxes and suits, the fancy dinners, and the countless pictures that keep that night alive for many years to come.

All of it is what makes prom, prom. So much preparation is put into planning it from the Junior Student Council and teacher sponsors. This year, prom was left in the capable hands of sponsors, Ms. Wright and Mrs. Gore. It took place on May 14 and was hosted on UT grounds with a Hollywood theme. For most, it was a magical and memorable night that certainly lived up to its hype.

“This year prom was amazing,” prom queen Kayla Ashman said. “The theme was carried out well and the venue was really cool. It was also really fun to be there with all of my friends.”

Ashman isn’t the only one who feels this way. Many of those that went to prom recall that what made it so fun was that they were able to spend it with their friends. Everyone was able to build lasting memories around the laughs and good times they had with their friends.

“Prom was definitely memorable because of being there with my friends,” said Junior Mallory Bush. “Especially since I’m friends with a lot of seniors, it was like the last hoorah before they graduate.”

The setup of prom was another factor that allowed it to be such a great success. From the lavish red carpet to the food selection, which varied from macaroni bars to vanilla strawberry cupcakes, the Hollywood theme was perfectly executed.

“Prom was very enjoyable, people wanted to stay at the actual prom this year,” prom king Geoff Tyler said. “I think the planners did a very good job and hope they continue to make it enjoyable for us students.”

Tyler is correct to think that the planners did a thorough job. Junior Gabi Hendrix, a member of Junior planning committee, explains all the processes that they had to go through in order to make sure that prom was magnificent and breathtaking.

“We had people planning for everything,” Hendrix said. “There were people handling the fundraising, the decorations, the advertisement, the food, and the entertainment. Then in the end, everyone came together and it all worked out very smoothly.”

The fundraisers consisted of a fundraiser at Schlotzsky’s and TCBY, who donated a portion of their profits to the prom effort. The ticket sales were also a great contribution to paying off all the costs. The pinnacle of prom night can be given to the announcement of prom king and queen. Ashman and Tyler were crowned with these titles. They two of them have been dating since freshman year, and both claim that it was the event that made prom most memorable for them. Even beyond that, they claim that being crowned king and queen was the highlight of their high school careers.

“The feeling of winning prom king was indescribable,” Tyler said. “Having all your peers vote for you is an amazing feeling. The whole experience was all around fun. Kayla and I got to dance and have everyone watch us. Neither of us are the best dancers though, so I bet it was funny to watch.”

Ashman shares the same feelings. She says that it was such a special moment that it was like something out of a movie. Tyler had even planned to use skydiving as a prom proposal, but unfortunately the plan failed. However, the winning of prom king and queen definitely made up for it. Prom, for everyone this year, was splendid in all that it offered.

Prom 2016. That’s what all the students will remember when they are digging through their high school sentiments ten years from now. It is evident in all the pleasant memories everyone shares that no one’s expectations were let down.

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