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JD Huff is crowned Mr. Tiger

Huff performing the famous vote for Pedro dance from “Napoleon Dynamite.”

You only get one chance. One chance to stand out. One chance to show the audience that you deserve to win the title of Mr. Tiger 2016.

After a formal wear competition, a swimsuit competition, a talent competition, and a group dance, the judges tallied up their scores. In third place was Jacob Thomas. In second was Tate Lewis. And after a long drum role and a lot of anticipation, JD Huff was crowned as Mr. Tiger 2016.

Huff was able to win the judges over by wearing a blue suit covered in clouds for the formal wear competition, breaking into a spontaneous dance to “Eye of the Tiger” during the swimsuit competition, and finishing off with the talent competition by demonstrating a swift display of his magic trick through making milk disappear and doing the famous vote for Pedro dance from “Napoleon Dynamite.”

“I originally entered because my sister’s friend nominated me,” Huff said. “And though I was a little nervous for things like my magic trick, I was sure I had everything down for my overall performance.”

Huff’s magic trick of pouring milk into a newspaper and making it disappear was executed very successfully. On top of that, his Napoleon Dynamite dance ensured that both the judges and the audience were laughing uncontrollably. He accredits the smoothness of this process to the one who prepared the Tiger Pageant this year.

“It was actually very well prepared by Meghan Hix,” he said. “They told us when to go and everything so it was pretty easy and straightforward for us.”

Not only was Huff able to walk away with the title of Mr. Tiger, but he also claimed this title to be the equivalent of crowning himself as the “King” of Drippping Springs High School.

“I got a prom ticket and two gift cards for winning,” Huff said. “And Judianne got three gift cards for being my escort.”

Huff and the other contestants of Mr. Tiger were more than happy to contribute to Project Graduation’s efforts in raising money through the Mr. Tiger event.

Story by Kerry James

Staff Writer

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