Spring Show was a must-see

One of the many acts from this year’s Spring Show

On April 29th and 30th, the DSHS Hi-Steppers hosted their annual Spring Show. The theme this year was “Games People Play.” It included dances inspired by board games, Reality TV, Game Shows, Childhood Games, and more.

“We had a variety of dances–everything ranging from ballet to hip-hop, lyrical, jazz, modern–a little bit of everything,” said Tracy Neef, head of the dance department.

There were many groups that participated in the event: The Hi-Steppers, the high school dance classes, the middle school dance classes, and even studio dance groups outside of the school district, such as Head to toe Dance, D’Ette & Company Dancers, and ONE Academy of Dance performed.

Turning the auditorium into a festive, musical talent show, Neef felt very good about the Spring Show. “It was really great. Saturday night was especially great, because it ran so smoothly.”

Apart from the Hi-Stepper performances, the dance classes, dance academies, officers, and ranks had an opportunity to perform together.

Sophomore Lauren Reyes said, “It’s a performance for the community, and it went really well.”

Overall, the Hi-Stepper Spring Show was a blast. It gave individuals and groups a chance to show themselves off to the community, and get noticed for their hard work. The dance studios can hope to get recruits after their awesome performances, and the Hi-Steppers can expect recognition for their amazing talent in the art of dancing.


Written by Nifa Kaniga

Staff Writer

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