Band plays Rach, Paper, Scissorhands

band.JPGThe Dripping Spring High School Tiger Band will blend the music of Sergei Rachmaninoff and Danny Elfman to create a show it’s calling “Rach, Paper, Scissorhands” for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year.

“We have two selections from Sergei Rachmaninoff and three selections from the actual soundtrack of Edward Scissorhands,” junior drum major Lauren Gordon said. “We will have props as well, probably paper, but that is still to be decided.”

Band director, Keith Lancaster, said that they chose this show because the music of the two composers goes well together.

“We also thought the concept of ‘Rach, Paper, Scissorhands’ was a cool play on words,” Lancaster said. “We spelled rock ‘R-a-c-h’ for Rachmaninoff, Scissorhands is for ‘Edward Scissorhands,’ and then paper, well there is all kinds of visual stuff we can do with paper, I am not exactly sure how that is going to play out yet.”

They might incorporate the paper aspect by changing out a piece of the band’s uniform to look like crumpled paper and the color guard will have a paper themed uniform as well.

“We are also looking at one part of the song where we would have the percussion make sounds with sandpaper,” Lancaster said. “We might even have props on the field that will be, like, paper doll cutouts. There are a lot of different ways we can go with this story.”

Gordon explained that the tone of the show will hold a more eerie, dark tone in comparison to the last few years.

“We didn’t really go after trying to do a dark show,” Lancaster said. “But you are going to end up with a darker feel when you choose that concept and that music. Danny Elfman’s music is very dark, if you listen to the ‘Batman’ music he wrote, or ‘Edward Scissorhands,’ or ‘Beetlejuice,’ all those movies have that dark, eerie kind of sound.”

Despite the overall tone, there will still be a lighter side to the show as well.

“I still think that it is going to have a lighter side to it as well,” Lancaster said. “Everything is not going to be dark and evil and creepy, it just may have parts of it that are like that. There’s a section of ‘Edward Scissorhands’ that we are using that is the opposite of that. It is light and fun and that is when the sandpaper sounds would happen.”

Gordon is excited for next year’s show and hopes she gets to be a part of leading the production.

“Over the last few years I have seen the shows get better and better,” she said. “I am really excited for this show, especially since it will be my senior year. Hopefully I will be a drum major again. To lead that production would be really great, I am really excited to see what it turns out to be.”

Written by Jules Peterson


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