UIL Choir was a success

ChoirUIL.pngOn Wednesday April 20th, DSHS choir participated in their first choir UIL competition at the Hayes Performing Arts Center in Kyle.

The UIL choir competition involves all school participating in the region. The school must perform four songs on stage: three of them being practiced songs, and once being a sight-read song.

Four different choirs were involved: the varsity mixed choir, the varsity treble choir, the non-varsity mixed choir, and the non-varsity treble choir.

“Both of the treble choirs got sweepstakes, which is the best prize. All four choirs got a score of 1 in the concert portion, and two of them made 1’s in the sight reading portion,” said Tom Gabrielsen, head of the choir department. The team had an amazing performance at the UIL competition. Gabrielsen felt like there was room for improvement in the sight reading portion, but that all in all, the show was a success.

“Sight reading”, he said, “is very risky, because it could be really hard or really easy. You never know what you’ll have to sing.” Sight reading is where the a choir is given a song that they’ve never seen, composed specifically for the competition, and then they are given six minutes to study it. After the six minutes, they play the pitches on the piano and the choir has to sing the song. It’s like karaoke but memorizing the words before you sing, which takes a lot of skill.

Gabrielsen says that he expects many great things for the future of the choir. “We just got back from South Texas in Brownsville, where we sang at the Gulf Coast Music Festival. We won the best in class there. We hope to continue doing well at these types of contests as we go.”

Written by Nifa Kaniga

Staff Writer

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