Leaders don’t always lead

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Author of the piece, Rylee Matousek

High school gives us a plethora of chances to lead different organizations and groups. While many students take these opportunities to assume higher positions in clubs they are passionate about, or give their best shot and leading a group of their peers, many simply use these occasions to look impressive on college resumes.

I think leadership in young people is an incredible thing, but I have noticed many students joining organizations and obtaining superior authority just to look good. Many times, students will accept a leadership position while not fully understanding the effort and time it will take. Perhaps this is due to the ever-growing pressure to stand out when applying to colleges.

I urge you to find leadership opportunities in places that excite and motivate you, but for the love of all things holy, don’t become the president of a club that you couldn’t care less about. There is nothing more frustrating than being led by a student who already has prior commitments elsewhere. If leadership positions excite you, make sure you shoot for something that you know you have time for and can commit to. If you truly care about a particular club and want to make it better, then becoming an officer is a great thing! If you only care about appealing to the people overlooking your college application, then find leadership elsewhere.

I get that high school is stressful and sometimes you don’t get your work done, but if you can’t give enough effort to something, don’t do it. It is time students realize how much is too much, and what they can do to be the most efficient as possible. Setting a good example for your peers means sticking to your word and doing your work so that other’s can do theirs. Constantly being seen doing something other than what you’re supposed to be doing does not give others a reason to put their trust in your ability to lead them.


Written by Rylee Matousek

Staff Writer


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