Battle of the Bands; a Tele-Coming of age story

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.25.25 PM.png
Senior Colin Barnett, Telecom drummer

On April 14th at 6pm, the epic annual Battle of the Bands was held at The Rusty Mule in Austin. Battle of the Bands is a competition between local DSHS student garage bands to see who can outperform the other and come up on top. The winner of the previous Battle of the Bands is invited to return and perform, next year, and also won a spot to perform at this year’s Founders Day Festival.

Battle of the Bands also served as a nonprofit fundraiser that the school does with student council. “We raise money for a group or organization that’s close to home or around town. This year we’ve picked the Burke Center for Youth,” said Melissa Tiller. The Burke Center is an organization in Driftwood helping neglected and abused children so that they can have healthy relationships and hope for a better future. They have already donated money to the Burke Center around Christmas time and any money raised by the $5 entry fee will go to them.

The bands that participated this year included Telecom, Phrenology, Left on Red, Hyde Park and the Deep Web, and Clairvoyant. Who was the winner?

Senior, Kellan Di Donato, part of the band Telecom, said, “In the end we won. The bands would perform for 20 minutes or less and then, they would tear everything down to prepare for the next band. We won a trophy and also we get to play at the Founder’s Day Festival, so we’re all pretty excited about that.”

Telecom, which played surf/punk rock secured their place by putting on an impressive show. This was their fourth performance at Battle of the Bands, but the first time the seniors took home the top spot.

The crowd included students, family members, community members, and customers in and outside setting an outdoorsy jamboree vibe whilst being broadcasting live on KROR Radio.

Coming in second was Hyde Park and the Deep Web, which consists of sophomore rapper Jaxson Thornton, and his counterparts Noah Green and Pyeatt Hitchcock. Third place consisted of junior Michael Thornton and his band of home-schooled homies, in their band Left on Red.

Battle of the Bands was a hoot yet again, and next year should only be more fun.


Written by Nifa Kaniga

Staff Writer

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