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Varsity tennis competes in district 5A

KR_0036e Tennis_501 2.jpgThe Dripping Springs Tigers varsity tennis team competed in the District 5A tournament on April 5-6.

This ever important tournament may have stressed the players, but head coach Cary Jackson’s faith in the team never wavered.

“Our results were as expected,” said Jackson. “We compete in a very tough district so i think we played as well as we could.”

Even though this team, as a whole, is very young and still finding their place in the district, this is a monumental step in the right direction for the team as a whole.

Motivation has been a bit of a problem throughout most of this season, but the team has found a new way to make the players excited to play to the best of their abilities.

“Everyone cheers for each other during the matches,” said senior Kirsten Caldwell. “And it really motivates them to play to the best of their abilities.”

And with such a powerful team dynamic present, it is easy to see why the Tigers did so well in this major match.

But like all teams, there is so much that can be improved upon before regionals and even for seasons to come.

“We can continue to practice,” said Jackson. “Not only with matches and drills but also match preparation for tournaments.”

These improvements can only help the inexperienced team reach their ultimate goals. Which would be to compete in the State 5A Tournament, both for this season and for many seasons to come.

But these new advancements in each teammates game has made them love it that much more.

And this could not be more true than for veteran Caldwell.

“Even if you are the underdog,” Caldwell said. “If you are mentally tougher than your opponent you can pull through and beat them.”

Similarly, Coach Jackson is very optimistic when looking at towards the future and what he believes his team can do.
“The future for this team is very bright,” said Jackson. “Dripping Springs is growing so much and people are transferring in with prior experience so I am very excited for what it to come.”

And for Dripping Springs, this is what makes all the difference.


Morgan Gusella

Staff Writer


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