Tiger track takes home bronze

Trevor Heinz and Zack Kovar run for the finish.

Seniors Trevor Heinz and Colton Hawkins, Junior Zack Kovar, and sophomore Bryce Kalsu came in third against thousands of other competing runners in the 4 X 800 at Texas Relays on Saturday.

Though not the case in many states, the 4 X 800 isn’t a required track and field activity in Texas, so it’s still something the students want to work on.

“There is definitely room to improve,” Heinz said. “We went in blind and I know for a fact that we can break eight minutes now that we have a race under our belt.”
Heinz said he enjoyed the team aspect of the 4 X 800 and relying on his teammates, which is different from many events according to head coach Marissa Parks.

“It had a really different dynamic than all running together in a race against each other,” Parks said. “Trying to figure out how to race it strategically as a relay is different so they still have room for improvement.”

Parks said they did an amazing job.

“Trevor had the best time and had the best kick,” Parks said. “What’s amazing is track athletes don’t get the opportunity to run in front of tens of thousands of people.”

Heinz knew that the team would be close to breaking eight minutes.

“Zack gave me the in around 7th place, I tried to pass as many people as I could,” Heinz said. “I luckily had a little energy left in the tank to overtake the guy in third place and finish in our 8:01.”

Parks said it was impressive for the Tigers to take that chance and be able to race in front of all those people at the Texas Relays.

“It’s unusual to have four boys who run that fast in two minutes,” Parks said. “It was exciting to take that chance and be able to race in front of all those people.”

According to Parks, it’s a moment she’ll remember for a long time.

“It’s neat to see good kids who work so hard get to enjoy that,” Parks said. “Getting to see these kids perform and succeed was one of the highlights in my coaching career.”

Jillian Shepperd

Sports Editor

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