DSHS varsity takes home the win in their first district game against Marble Falls

IMG_0103.JPGThe Dripping Springs varsity baseball team won their first district game of the season on March 21, 2016, against the Marble Falls Mustangs with a final score of 3-2.

While it took the team a while to find their tempo, senior Dalton Warren never had any doubts that the team could not defeat the Mustangs.

“We really found our stride during the seventh inning and that was mainly due to the excitement and the enthusiasm we were all feeling,” said Warren.

This was the much-needed momentum, provided from both the team and the fans, that ultimately turned this game around.

Although the first few innings of the game were quite slow, the Tigers quickly picked up the pace. And since this was the team’s third district game they knew they had to bring the pressure.

“This game was really important because we needed to find our rhythm and start getting the wins,” Warren said.

This hyper-focused and determined mentality was the extra boost of confidence that the Tigers needed before going into this game. Mainly because they had lost the previous two district games against the Cedar Park Timberwolves.

“It was good to see our team really pumped up because we haven’t been playing well,” Jackson said.

Since there was a huge emphasis on the importance of this game, it allowed the young team to find a good speed that they were comfortable playing at. Which was something that the team was lacking up until the last few innings of the game.

“It wasn’t really pressure I was feeling when coach put me in,” said second baseman Jett Jackson. “I was more excited for the win.”

Jackson, who scored the winning run of the entire game, was an asset to the team in its time of need.

Despite the fact that the Tigers won this very significant game, there are still many things that can be improved upon. But this new feeling of team camaraderie will definitely play a huge role in the games to come.

“We can work on every part of the game,” Warren said.

Improvements like these, paired with this sense of unity, will only help the team meet its ultimate goals. With the second half of the district season well underway, these improvements will become more imperative than ever.

And with the 7-10 Dripping Springs Tigers next game against the 13-6 Vista Ridge Rangers, these team enhancements will be clearer than ever.

This highly anticipated away game between Dripping Springs and Vista Ridge will be played on Monday, April 4, and both coaches and players are very excited about it.

“I think these previous wins will be a really good spark for us,” said Jackson.

Morgan Gusella

Staff Writer

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