Battle of the Bands

Picture from last year’s Battle of the Bands competition.

Get ready to rock, because on April 14th, the epic annual Battle of the Bands will go down as another great chapter in DSHS history.

What is Battle of the Bands, you may ask? It’s a competition between local DSHS student garage bands to see who can outperform the other and   come up on top. “We Invite the winner of the previous Battle of the Bands to come back and perform for us,” said Melissa Tiller. “We usually have five to six bands and they perform and compete for a title and a trophy. This year, the winner will have stage time at Founder’s Day.”

Behind the scenes of the show, Battle of the Bands also serves as a nonprofit fundraiser that the school does with student council. “We raise money for a group or organization that’s close to home or around town. This year we’ve picked the Burke Center for Youth,” Tiller said.

The Burke Center is an organization in Driftwood helping neglected and abused children so that they can have healthy relationships and hope for a better future. They have already donated money to the Burke Center around Christmas time and any money raised by the $5 entry fee will go to them.

There will be different types of genres playing to appeal to everyone–rock, country, alternative, metal, maybe even rap. Some bands participating this year include Telecom, Phrenology, Hyde Park, and Left on Red.

Sophomore, Connor Bailey, is part of the band Phrenology. His band focuses on alternative covers, and he says, “the team I’ve brought together is a bunch of talented musicians”.

The band was spontaneously created in response to this year’s battle of the bands. Sophomore Emma Rodrigue, also in Phrenology said, “There are a lot of great musicians in our band, like Noah Green and Connor, so I’m optimistic.”

You can do two good deeds at once by coming down to The Rusty Mule to support a charity and your favorite local DSHS bands. Come for the great cause and stay for the great music!


Written by Nifa Kaniga

Staff Writer

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