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Open mic night gives students voice

Connor Bailey performs at open mic night

The first ever DSHS open mic night took place in the high school library on the evening of March 31, 2016.

The night was open to anyone and everyone who wanted to attend.

“It was open sign up, there were these QR codes that we put around the school where people could sign up for a slot,” creative writing teacher, Katy Eyberg said. “But we also had a good chunk of people who just came out and were able to perform as well. It was from 6:30-8:30 and we had the whole time filled up.”

The turnout was encouraging to the creative writing students who put on the performance.

“Our class was worried that no one would show up,” sophomore Gillian Bynum said. “But the room was packed and we had no empty seats. It was awesome.”

She believes that the night was beneficial because it allowed students to have a voice that they don’t get otherwise.

“There are not a lot of opportunities in this school to express yourself to your peers through way of poetry and music. Except, maybe, the talent show,” Bynum said. “I think opening up a more inclusive event for students to have voices was really good.”

Senior, Wyatt Cross, believes that the night was really eye-opening as students who don’t normally perform were sharing personal pieces.

“I was surprised by the people who I never thought would get up in front of the crowd and speak,” Cross said. “And they were not only speaking, but performing some of the best self written poetry that I have ever heard or experienced. I think it was definitely a benefit.”

Eyberg thinks it is important for students to have a safe place to express themselves.

“People need a comfortable environment to share stuff that they like and have a supportive atmosphere,” she said.

She was impressed by the talent shown by the students.

“I was very impressed with how everything went,” Eyberg said. “It was just another example of students rising to the occasion, when you give them the opportunity to do so.”

Eyberg was pleased with her students and enjoyed all the performances.

“It was a wonderful way to spend my evening, I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else,” she said.

Written by Jules Peterson


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