Prom is what you make of it

Photo from DSHS 2016 Prom

For every junior and senior, and the occasional sophomore, springtime involves making plans for the future and prom. While some swear off the traditional dance because there are too many clichés to bear, others bask in the glory that is boutonnieres and limos. This will be my second time to attend prom, and I must say that I’ve jumped on the bandwagon early this year.

Although last years actual prom was a very…interesting experience, the before and after made for a great time. This year’s prom [prom]ises to be better than previous years, so start making plans. Many refuse to go to prom because of how cliché it is, or because they don’t have a date. I think it’s time to break the stereotypes of prom and start making it about having a good time.

Go to prom by yourself, go to prom with your best friend, wear a potato sack, go because everyone else is going, go because nobody you know is going. Prom is such a unique thing that only high school students get to experience, and no matter how cheesy it can be, everyone likes getting dressed up every once in awhile.

It’s a rite of passage for upperclassmen, and a signal that the end of the year is approaching. If you absolutely refuse to go to prom, keep defensive comments to yourself. Just because you don’t want to have fun doesn’t mean you have to make fun of everyone that does choose to attend. You definitely won’t be in high school forever, so choose to attend events that will give you good memories. High School is only what you make of it.


Written by Rylee Matousek

Online Editor

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