Golf is good golf is great

Last summer, going into my junior year, I became really interested in golf and decided to pursue it after hearing my friend Kelsey Kane talk about it. I was also influenced by my aunt who was a state champ back in high school, and my grandfathers who made the sport their favorite hobby.  I decided: why not pursue a sport that I can play for the rest of my life and have fun while doing it? After working with my aunt over the summer at the driving range, I decided to try out for the golf team. I figured I had nothing to lose and was excited for the opportunity. I have to admit, trying out was harder than I ever imagined. Miraculously, I made the JV Girls team. After try outs, I discovered a support system of awesome girls who were all working toward a common goal: to be the next Jordan Spieth. A female version, of course.After practicing a lot, I slowly started to get better and better. Coach Wahlers took the time to work with me and helped me improve, hole by hole. With every hour spent on the course, I  discovered something new about my golf game: from the fact that number 7 was my best iron, to blah blah blah.I’ve been working to improve not only in the physical game but the positive game as well. Not going to lie–that first tournament was rough. I came home sunburnt and a score in the triple-digits. I was devastated and felt like all the work I had done was for nothing. But, that’s the nature of the game: you have great days and you have bad days. I’m not the female version of Jordan Spieth yet, but I’m getting there.


Written by Jillian Shepperd

Sports Editor

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