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Give blood, save a life


The Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas visited Dripping Springs High School for the second time this school year on Wednesday. March 23rd.

The drive has been put on by NHS once a semester every school year since club sponsor, Alissa Nevin, began leading the group.

“A long time ago when I first started as a sponsor for NHS a parent suggested it as a service project,” She said “We had a really good response from the students. They felt like it was really worthwhile and really enjoyed doing it.”

Nevin believes that it gives students an easy opportunity to help save a life.

“I have found that teeangers won’t go do it on their own,” she said. “But if we bring it to them they are more willing to take time out of their day to save lives and help other people. So just giving them the opportunity to do something they might not do by themselves.”

NHS treasurer, Monica Oliva, sees the benefits of students giving back by donating blood.

“It’s good to have it done at school,” Oliva said. “Kids feel like that is something they can help out with because they feel like they can give back.’

She was pleased to see the turnout at the most recent blood drive.

“I was impressed by the amount of people who wanted to donate,” Oliva said. ”I think we had more than last time, which is good.”

There are a few requirements that have to be met before donating.

“You have to weigh 115 pounds, you have to have eaten a full meal and drink plenty of water,” nurse Sarah-Beth Torrence said. “You also have to answer medical history questions and cannot give if you have recently visited a restricted country.”

Written by Jules Peterson


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