IMG_1855.jpgIf you have been following the DSHS Theater department, you may remember the predicament that happened involving the use of the play Boeing! Boeing! but despite being casted and a week into rehearsals, the right to perform the play was restricted due to dividing the play in a length suitable for the time limit presentable at the UIL competition.

They then switched to an alternate play, Arsenic and Old Lace, recasted, and are now back on track. “Everything’s in place now, all the characters have been casted, everybody knows their lines, the set it set—we’re in a good place,” says Cole Rickman.

He and James Orozoco, who were originally technical directors, but after head of the theater department Rachel Koske took maternity leave to have her baby, they have stepped up to challenge of directing this year’s one act.

With Koske out, Rickman and Orozco have a big responsibility to aid the play to move forward. “The time we spend performing depends on if we advance,” Rickman says. “If we advance from district, we’ll continue onto each level. If we go all the way up to state, then the show will last until the end of May.”

Arsenic and Old Lace is about two elderly women who help elderly gentlemen in their lives. They welcome them into their home (SPOILER ALERT), and then kill them with poison via wine. Disturbingly, they hide the bodies in their cellar, and they’re totally fine with it, while everyone else thinks they’re crazy.

So far, the students have been working extremely hard, given the circumstances that they started with, and they’re only going to work harder as they advance against the 1300 school competing.


Written by Nifa Kaniga

Staff Writer