People of DSHS: Weatherly Sawyer

If there’s one thing everyone knows about Weatherly Sawyer, it’s that she is an incredibly talented artist. Even those who do not know her personally see her breathtaking pieces of work in the halls of our high school on a daily basis.

These pieces of art have been a part of Sawyer’s life since she was a child. Throughout her whole life any spare time that she’s had has been spent drawing, painting, or doing some other type of craft.

“I can’t really remember any specific instance that made me start liking art, I just felt the need to draw a lot,” said the senior. “I would draw pretty much whenever I had the time and then in middle school I realized I was fairly good at art.”

After discovering her potential, Sawyer continued to improve and harness her talent. It was through this process of elaborating her knowledge of the different aspects of art that she came to find her favorite aspect of it all.

“I enjoy imitating the colors that I see,” Sawyer said. “Like taking the colors I see in the picture and trying to find a way to recreate those colors in what I’m doing.”

Sawyer did not hesitate in confirming that she will be carrying on her artistic career into college and eventually settling down with it as her lifelong career.

“I’m thinking of switching into undergrad,” Sawyer said. “But I’m probably going to stay with bachelor in fine arts when I go to UT next year.”

Sawyer accredits that it is definitely necessary to have a good teacher to help show you the ropes of everything involved in mastering the vast category of art. With the right and direct amount of guidance it’s easy to improve on skill.

“Once I got into upper level art it was definitely very helpful,” Sawyer said. “I received more criticism. At lower levels people are just like, ‘Oh good job, that looks great!’ but as you get to that upper level you get more helpful and constructive criticism.”

Sawyer is an artist at heart and mind and is not shy about embracing her talent. She hopes that she will be able to continue growing and produce more art that impacts the people and community around her in a positive way.

Written by Kerry James

Staff Writer


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