A preview: spring break

Rylee Matousek (2)Spring Break is synonymous in Hollywood for beach parties and risqué activities, but for many high school and college students, Spring Break is simply a week to rest and relax before the final push to the end of the school year.

“My family is going to San Jose, Costa Rica,” said Junior Mikayla Prather. “We’re flying in on Saturday and we get back the next Friday.”

While some people spend all of Spring Break Netflixing and sleeping, others are fortunate enough to experience exotic adventures in foreign countries.

“We’ll probably go zip lining, maybe horseback riding, go to the beach a lot,” Prather said.

Many clubs and and organizations at our school often do big trips every four years, this being the year for the theater department.

“I’m going to New York with the theater department,” senior Monica Oliva said. “We’re going to see a bunch of shows and visit the 9/11 Memorial, just typical New York tourist activities.

For seniors, Spring Break is a taste of summer that is so close, but so far away.

“I really need a break from school,” Oliva said. “After Spring Break, it’s going to be super hard to make it to the end.”

While many students travel out of the state, or even the country for their weeklong vacation, plenty of students stay in Texas and head to the beach.

“I’m going down to Port-A just to hang out and have fun,” said junior William Wheeler.

It’s pretty easy to get a little out of control during Spring Break, so it’s important to remember to stay safe.

“Don’t die,” Wheeler said. “Stay out of trouble too.”

Unfortunately, many won’t have to worry about getting too crazy over the break due to prior commitments from school and work.

“I have two speech and debate tournaments that I have to chaperone. One is TFA State and the other is the Policy Debate State Tournament at UT,” said English teacher Sara-Jane Shepperd.

Besides work and play, the most common response to Spring Break plans was sleep.

“I’m going into hibernation actually,” said Junior Tommy Glass.

Written by Rylee Matousak

Online Editor

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