His nose is cold and dripping wet

The moon shimmers on his dark silhouette

Two golden eyes peer back at me

Filled with love and serenity


He sniffs the grass and breathes the air

His fur sticks up – chocolate brown hair

The wind flaps back his velvety ears

When he stands by my side I have no fears


During our walk he spots a green frog

I pull on his leash and he threatens to jog

Next comes a squirrel with nuts in its cheeks

Chittering away while my dog bares his teeth


I turn back to the house to lock up for the evening

His fur is shedding for the summer season

His food bowl is filled and his water is too

His golden eyes tell me, ‘I love you’


I brush his soft fur as he lays in the sun

He barks during movies and songs that we’ve sung

When the police come around he tends to howl

At baths we wrap him up in a towel


When his nails are clipped back his little paws shake

I feel so bad for my poor dog Jake

He’s as spoiled as ever, and he begs at meals

Jake’s never held back and we stopped saying ‘Heel!’


I give him a hug and he sighs uncomfortably

He may not like them but he responds really lovingly

He’s never bit a living soul in his life

His tail thumps loudly and his mouth froths white


But he’s getting older now, soon to depart

A day without him would break my heart

So I hand him a treat as he curls up for bed

Jake munches and belches, my one special friend


Written by Katelyn Mays

Contributing writer