DSHS students practice their civic duty

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.54.51 PM.png

Some DSHS students took advantage of Super Tuesday on March 2, 2016 as their first voting experience.

Government teacher Toni Marsh encourages students to take the opportunity this year to vote as it is their civic duty.

“It is your voice in our government, society, and our politics,” Marsh said.

Students at this school are very politically opinionated and Marsh points out that they have no right to complain about the verdict if they didn’t take part in the decision.

“If you don’t vote then you really don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to complain about who’s in office,” he said.

Student body president, Hank Cohen, believes that it is important for young people to take part in our political system.

“I think it is important for young people to get involved in the political process early,”Cohen said. “Right now, a lot of people in our nation are very fed up with the way politicians are working in Washington. Young people should be prepared to help make a change in our nation by being educated on political matters as well as taking their civic duty seriously and participating in the voting process.”

Senior Kyle Houssian also took part in the Super Tuesday Presidential Primaries and was excited to be able to have his first adult experience.

“I turned 18 this year, before the voting started, and I wanted to get the experience and take that next step in becoming an adult,” Houssian said.

He believes that it is important to start young so that when our generation takes over we will be ready to make wise decisions for the benefit of the country as a whole.

“ We need to begin to get more of an understanding of politics so that we can be ready to make the right vote throughout our lifetime,” Houssian said.


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