IMG_1222.JPGTo remember she, who had been lost too early in a tragic car accident ten years ago. To play and enjoy the game that she loved in the time she was brimming with life. To honor the memory of whom she was before she passed. And most recently, to honor her father who was like father to all whom he taught.

This is the goal of the Tuck Memorial tournament that took place this passing Saturday and Sunday. The softball team of Dripping Springs High School played their hearts out, winning 4 of their games and only losing 2, and all to serve in the memory of the their past Coach Tuck’s daughter who passed several years ago and Coach Tuck who passed away himself in 2014.

“Coach Tuck was a coach who retired the year I was going to be a freshmen. He was an amazing father to everyone,” Junior Kiele Miller said. “He treated everyone with the utmost respect and everyone treated him with that same respect.”

The tournament started because it was meant to be as a tribute to his daughter that had been on her way home from college but died in a sudden car accident. It was mainly composed due to that his daughter was an avid softball player. Ever since that year, the tournament has carried on and has strengthened with now honoring not just her, but her father, Coach Tuck, as well.

“The tournament went really well,” Miller said. “Even the two games we did lose were good games and we fought all the way through.”

For this past tournament, the team did have a few of their players absent due to either illness or another extracurricular activity they had to be involved in that weekend. At the next tournament, the team hopes to all be together so to make a complete win.

“We’re going to go up there with a solid game plan,” Miller said. “So we can know exactly what we’re going to do and how we want to play everything out.”

From this tournament, Danielle Northrop was able to claim the title of MVP in the midst of all the softball team’s great success.

Overall, the team is delighted with the results of their magnificent turn out. They can’t wait to bring back even better results when next year’s Tuck Memorial comes around.

Written by Kerry James

Staff Writer