The Life of Pablo Review


The Life of Pablo album cover

Whether you love or hate Kanye West, you can’t deny his massive amount of influence, and that all came to a head a few weeks ago when he released his 8th studio album, The Life of Pablo. And… oh boy is it… well… something.

Kanye West, to me, is one of the most interesting person on the planet to observe. I feel like Kanye wakes up and makes a split second decision to either write some amazing music, or some very interesting, rather (well, in this case, wrong) tweets, for example:

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.21.12 PM.png
Kanye West is a bit quick on the Twitter fingers.










But Kanye’s Kanye-isms (if you will) and crazy tweet storms aside, you can’t deny that he has the capacity to make some amazing music. Within the new Yeezy album, there are certainly some hits. As such, Ultralight Beams off of the new album, has evoked emotions and feelings in me like music has never done to me before.

At the same time, tracks like I Love Kanye, which is a song about how much Kanye loves Kanye (yes, really), take you right back out of the gospel and often provocative feel of (some) of the album.

The best way to review this album is that, as a whole, it doesn’t nearly come close to the glory of Graduation, and is slightly better than average. However, it manages to simultaneously have perhaps three of my favorite Kanye tracks ever (including the current #1), and I would consider Ultralight Beams one of the best songs I have ever purely based off how much it made me feel the first time I listened to it, and how it continues to hit the high notes after many listens.

However, the most important thing about The Life of Pablo is how we can keep the confidence that Kanye will keep doing insane things for a long time, and some of those crazy things will no doubt be awesome.


Jaxson Thornton

Opinion/Editor Entertainment Editor

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