DSHS at war



DSHS Interact Club is currently hosting a giant NERF war fundraiser consisting of approximately 45 teams of six people. The war began on March 4th at 4:15 p.m..

President of the Interact club, Senior Jacob King, explains why the club created this fundraiser.

“We’re sponsored by the Dripping Springs Rotary Club, which requires us to do an international project,” said King.

The idea of raising money by allowing students to participate in a fake battle with toy guns seems to be a perfect way to sponsor the organization that Interact has chosen.

“The international organization that we’ve decided to sponsor is Lumos,” King said. “The group was founded by J.K. Rowling, and is aimed towards ending the institutionalization of children.”

Lumos focuses on empowering communities financially to be able to care for their own children.

“In a lot of situations, kids are put in orphanages because their parents can’t afford to raise them, not because they don’t have parents,” said King.

The war is a school wide fundraiser that allows all of DSHS to support Lumos.

“The NERF game is composed of teams of six in a circular bracket, and we just kind of duke it out,” King said. “The last person standing takes the jackpot.”

The length of the tournament will depend on the students.

“The tournament could last a month, maybe two months,” King said. “It just depends on how bloodthirsty these participants are.”

However, the game will not be interrupting the regular school day.

“We’re definitely not going to be doing anything during school hours, class periods are completely out of bounds,” King said.

Participants in the game are very excited to be joining in on the fun.

“I’m absolutely ready for the NERF tournament,” Junior Dru Barkis said. “I was born ready.”

Many teams have already been formed, and while some are in it just for the experience, others have selected only the best for their teams.

“My team has tactics you’ve never seen before, you’ll never know we’re coming,” Barkis said, “If there’s any advice I can give… it’s watch your back.”

The fundraiser has raised a lot of money with minimal start up costs which allows the club to donate a substantial amount of money to a good cause.

“As of right now, we’ve raised over $2500 for Lumos,” King said.

Written by Rylee Matousak

Online Editor

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