The perspective of football is changing

Earlier today… a few hours ago to be exact, I was talking to a friend of mine. I am going to keep his identity anonymous, merely because I do not have permission to use his quotes, but he is a local football player who has logged many hours on his varsity football team. During our conversation, I asked him a question somewhere along the line of “are … Continue reading The perspective of football is changing

Prom is what you make of it

For every junior and senior, and the occasional sophomore, springtime involves making plans for the future and prom. While some swear off the traditional dance because there are too many clichés to bear, others bask in the glory that is boutonnieres and limos. This will be my second time to attend prom, and I must say that I’ve jumped on the bandwagon early this year. … Continue reading Prom is what you make of it

The importance of taking a break

Last week, I got to the point where I was so stressed out that I couldn’t do any of my work. The point where you’re like, “Okay! I need to finish this entire list of things by tomorrow!” but you just can’t do it because you have no idea where to start. I was honestly just disappointed in myself because I couldn’t get the motivation … Continue reading The importance of taking a break

Softball brings in the wins

The DSHS softball team has been reaching and achieving new heights this season. With an overall of 18-4 so far, you could say these Lady Tigers work hard and push not only themselves but each other every single day. “We will continue to do what we do,” head coach Wade Womack said. “We focus on the little things.” With several stand out layers on the … Continue reading Softball brings in the wins

Seeley Haas excels in debate

Over the past few years, the debate organization at DSHS has been home to several of the best student debaters in Texas. Junior Seeley Haas is one of the few who have surpassed the expectation by pursuing a state title. “I’ve done debate since freshman year, and I like it a lot,” Haas said. This year, Haas debated in the TAPT regional competition. The organization focuses on … Continue reading Seeley Haas excels in debate

People of DSHS: Weatherly Sawyer

If there’s one thing everyone knows about Weatherly Sawyer, it’s that she is an incredibly talented artist. Even those who do not know her personally see her breathtaking pieces of work in the halls of our high school on a daily basis. These pieces of art have been a part of Sawyer’s life since she was a child. Throughout her whole life any spare time … Continue reading People of DSHS: Weatherly Sawyer

UIL One Act chugging along

If you have been following the DSHS Theater department, you may remember the predicament that happened involving the use of the play Boeing! Boeing! but despite being casted and a week into rehearsals, the right to perform the play was restricted due to dividing the play in a length suitable for the time limit presentable at the UIL competition. They then switched to an alternate … Continue reading UIL One Act chugging along