Micah Slaton goes for the gold

Photo by Spencer Gnauck, Staff Photographer                                                                                                     Micah Slaton swimming the butterfly the regional meet on the weekend of Feb. 5-6, 2016.

Time slowed as DSHS senior, Micah Slaton, focused on keeping his muscles moving through the water during the intense feud. His hard work and determination would soon pay off. With heart still pounding and adrenaline running, Slaton looked to the board that reported the win, which had eluded his grasp the year before. He had just won gold for the UIL State 100m butterfly.
“I was very happy because I choked that event last year,” Slaton said. “It was great to show up this time at finals and have a successful swim.”
Along with snatching the gold, Slaton had also set a new school record and just barely missed setting a new state record by four tenths of a second. He also won silver for the 100m backstroke event.
“It was amazing just to come back this year and have another shot,” Slaton said. “To actually get gold and silver this time made the experience so much sweeter.”
For head DSHS swimming coach, Andrea McCarthy, couldn’t be more proud of her swimmers.
“We had great teams this year, both girls and guys, and they improved tremendously throughout the season,” McCarthy said.
As well as Micah Slaton, DSHS also had freshman Abigail Wilkinson represent the swimming lady Tigers at State.
“Abigail Wilkinson qualified for the 500m freestyle,” said McCarthy. “Both swimmers did extremely well at representing our entire team at State this year.”
Wilkinson, who placed 15th in the 500m freestyle, was extremely grateful to represent the swimming lady Tigers at State this year and to be going along with a seasoned veteran of the team.
“It was a little nerve racking but also really exciting to be able to go to State as a freshman,” said Wilkinson. “It was very comforting to go with a senior who has done it before because I had no idea what to expect.”
Micah is very proud of his teammate and is glad he could be a part in helping mentor the young swimmer.
“This was obviously her first time going to State and I wanted to help make sure she wasn’t getting too nervous,” said Slaton. “I wanted to make sure she had fun with it so that she will be comfortable for when she comes back in the years come.”
Slaton, who has chosen to swim at Missouri, said he’s looking forward to college and is glad to have been a part of the program.
“I’m really excited for the future and the possibility of Olympic trials,” said Slaton. “As I leave the DSHS swimming program, I’m comforted by the fact that I’m leaving the program in a better place than I found it.”

J.T Dahill
Staff Writer



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