Softball putting in hard work and determination

The DSHS softball team this year has eight returning players and four new freshman players joining the team this year. With scrimmages and tournaments on the rise you could say softball is starting to get busy and get back into their everyday routine.

“I would like to see improvement in the mental aspect of the game,” head coach Wade Womack said,  “Our goal is to take one pitch at a time.”

With goals set, Womack would really like to see the mental aspect of the game improve.

“I would like for us to work together as a team, communicate, and have fun,” Womack said.

Womack would really like to see the teamwork together as a team and mostly just have fun playing on the field together. Communication for the game is key to success, and the girls this year have been trying their best to communicate with one another better.

“We had a great off-season,” Womack said. “The girls get along with each other and they are driven to excel.”

Motivation and drive have been the key to success this year for the Lady Tiger softball team. The main goal this year is to make it playoffs.

“Our main goal is to drive 28 miles to Red McCombs Field…,” Womack said.

With that big goal set in mind, it is also said that a lot of the girls this year have stepped up and are playing as one team.

“Last year we did not have a very good leadership and we were playing for our own personal gain,” junior Kiele Miller said. “This year the juniors have really stepped up to lead the team and everyone is playing as one.”

Most importantly some of the team members see softball as a way to be together and have fun on and off the field.

“It’s great to be together with young women who encourage each other to do their best,” junior Sydney Campbell said. “It’s about having fun.”

Stay tuned for hearing about this weekend’s tournament!


Jillian Shepperd

Sports Editor

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