People of DSHS: Ashni Clayton

Behind a DSHS yearbook, there is a whole years worth of writing captions, feature stories, taking pictures, finding just the right picture to put in, and keeping in mind the wants of the student body. In other words, it’s A LOT of work. But thankfully behind every yearbook there is also a team of people working their hardest to give this school yet another incredible yearbook to look back on for years and years to come. At the head of the team, there is the captain, the one in charge of it all. This job has proven to be no easy task.

Senior Ashni Clayton has stepped up to take the job as Chief Editor of this year’s yearbook.

Clayton was new DSHS just last January.

“It was difficult in the sense that it was my junior year, so a lot was going on in my junior year,” Clayton said. “I was taking 6 AP classes and I had to transfer that when I moved here. Academics are probably the easiest part because I came from a bigger school.”

After a short time, Clayton fit right in here at Dripping Springs.

“At first, the social part was a little bit difficult because everyone has been together for a really long time. They already knew each other and they already had their groups set up,” Clayton said. “I felt like it was not that bad, because people were more willing to be welcoming, at least to me. I’ve made quite a few friends and met quite a few people that I enjoy spending time with. I actually prefer it here to The Woodlands. The people are much nicer and much friendlier than the people at The Woodlands who have a tendency to be self-involved.”

Clayton first joined the yearbook team back at her old school.

“I started being part of yearbook my sophomore year, but I ghost wrote some pages my freshman year,” Clayton said. “Ghost writing basically means I wrote the stories and the captions but just didn’t get the credit for it.”

Clayton first started yearbook as a way to practice what she loves to do: write.

“I wanted to join yearbook because I love writing,” she said, “ I also wanted to be involved with the school somehow but I’m not really loud enough to be involved in sports or anything, so yearbook was a way that I could have an idea as to what was happening without having to be extroverted about it.”

Though Clayton enjoys writing, she has found a new interest in yearbook.

“Now my favorite part of yearbook is teaching. I got to help build the yearbook program for Dripping Springs and then teach others how to keep it going and make it better.”

Clayton wishes to study English and Literature in college.

“I also want to become a professor. So I want to learn how to teach and have the patience to make sure they understand not just doing it all myself,” Clayton said. “And then again I also love writing so I hope to keep writing the rest of my life.”

Clayton’s parents have always been supportive of her interest in yearbook.

“They have always been supportive in the way that they let me do yearbook. They aren’t necessarily the biggest fans of me doing it as a career,” she said “However they’ve always supported the hobby and they’ve always taken me places and done whatever we had to do so I can keep doing yearbook or writing or reading or whatever.”

Clayton still has yet to decide where she will attend college.

“Next year I plan to be a freshman for the 2016-2017 year. I don’t know where yet, I got accepted to a couple of colleges but I’m still waiting on deciding,” Clayton said. “I’m either going to the University of Colorado in Boulder or to UT Austin.”

High school has taught Clayton one major lesson.

“I learned that you really have to do things for yourself,” Clayton said. “The grades and hard work can’t be for your parents or someone else because at the end of the day they are not going to be the ones with you in college or the ones waiting on those letters. It’s going to be you and it means a lot more when you do things for yourself.”

Clayton is excited to see what she can do in the future.

“My dream has never been to be successful or be rich. It’s always been to touch or help as many lives as I possibly can,” Clayton said. “It’s always been to touch or help as many lives as I possibly can. I’m excited to see how using what I love can help other people and how I can impact the lives of others.”

Veronica Lopez

Staff Writer

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